Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Challenge # 1

Good morning Everyone,
It is just a lovely day out. The sun is finally out for good I think. Spring is so nice. Perfect time to cook. Which brings me to my challenge.
I am going to try to cook 100 recipies in 70 days. Im not sure when exactly, but I will start soon. Do you think I can do it? Im not sure if I can myself. But it should be fun. You people reading should try it with me. Ill tell you what im cooking and put recipies up to share. If any of you have things you think I should cook, PLEASE.. let me know. Im willing to try anything.
Have a great day.


[ASH] said...

lol do you really have that much time on your hands?!? Well yeahhh I guess you do. So go for it. Just make sure you give me some of the food that you make. Then I will be happy.

[ASH] said...

Do cream puffs count as a recipe?!? Haha